Bits & Pretzels 2022

ASU GSV Summit 2023

Heartland Forward Summit 2023



Future of Work
AI Research in Augmented and Virtual Reality
Beyond ARVR: How Tech Killed + Revived Interaction
The Rise of AI in the Cyber Domain
The Investor Role in Community Oriented Solutions


San Diego, USA

Opening Up the Learning-Earning Ecosystem 2022

Making In-Demand Job Skills Visible, 2022

Emerging Credentials x Future Employment

Unlocking Potential: Operationalizing a new era of individualized education

Traditional Energy in the Energy Transition

Geopolitical Risk and Rising Interest Rates 


London, England, Dec. 3-4

Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 28-29

David Baumgartner, Panel Moderator

London, England Febr. 5-7

London, England, Dec. 3-4

Houston, USA, May 2-3

Stefano de Stefano, Speaker

Boston, USA, May 13-15

Valhalla Lounge booth,  

Hans Goss, Panel

Houston, Tx, Febr. 26-27

David Baumgartner, Speaker and Panel Moderator

Milan, Febr. 12

David Baumgartner, Speaker and Panel Moderator

Amsterdam Netherlands, Oct 3-4;                    Panel Moderator David A. Baumgartner

London, England, Febr. 6

Abuja Nigeria, September 18-19                     Speaker Stefano de Stefano

Barcelona Spain, Sept 17-20

Paris France, June 5-6

Houston TX, April 26-27

Keynote Speaker Stefano de Stefano

Hamburg Germany, April 25-26

KickOff Panel Moderator: David A. Baumgartner 

London England,  April 23-25